Work Timeline

I've been in the design industry since 1999. Scroll down to explore some of the projects. Enjoy.

The Foreigner 

Design direction for official movie website. Play the video to explore the site.

Year: 2017    


Beats by Dre

Experimental Design direction for an ecommerce website.

Year: 2017  



Design direction for online motorcycle company customization builder experience.

Year: 2017



Promo website for VIP club member

Year: 2017


Acura NSX

Digital experience for Acura NSX website.

Year: 2017



Art direction and design for ecommerce website.

Year: 2017



Design direction for ecommerce website.

Year: 2017


IWC Portofino

Design direction for promotional website.

Year: 2016



Design pitch for ecommerce website.

Year: 2016



Design direction for new Shampoo series under Biotherm brand. 

Year: 2016



Design direction for a new product series website.

Year: 2016


Boat Me

Design direction for interactive website, like Airbnb, but for boats and yachts.


Design pitch.

Year: 2015



From 2011 to 2015 I was working on digital projects for Disney, DisneyParks and Disney Cruiseline. From websites, applications to social media and print design. As work is under NDA, please contact for password.

Year: 2011-2015



From 2006 to 2011 I was working mostly in the film industry creating websites for movies, such as Stardust, Planet of Apes, Sponge Bob, John Carter, Hugo, Sweeney Todd and more. and Legendary Pictures redesign. Play the reel to enjoy some of the work.

Year: 2006-2011