I'm Andrew Aden.


Andrew Aden has been designing since 1998, understanding the importance of visual culture in relation to audience engagement and crafting meaningful cutting-edge digital experiences for global brands such as Disney, Ford, Sony, Paramount, Bacardi and Enrique Iglesias. Andrew's advertising experience transcends international boundaries evident in the multiple awards and recognition he has received for work he has done, such as Webbys and .NET awards. His works have been featured and published in iDN and Advanced Photoshop magazines. Invited as a speaker to design events in Madrid, Paris and Barcelona.

From 2002 to 2008 had a digital magazine called Digital Abstracts, related to design, art and creative industry. Currently working as a freelance art director for various agencies and clients worldwide.


Press / Books

.Net Magazine
Computer Arts
Advanced Photoshop
Webdesign France
Webdesigner UK
Bak Magazine
Create Online
Webdesign Index Book
Korean Bazaar Magazine 

Photographie Mag France
Design for Screen Chinese Book 
Pixel Conscious
Computer Arts Special Photoshop Edition
Grab Bag Book

Special Thanks

Jason McVearry, Jens Karlsson, Roman Sidoroff, Vlad Korzinin, Dickon Kent, Ilya Rogozin, Francis Ramsden, Brian Caroll, Greg Orlowski, Jeremy Grubaugh, Alexander Lukyanov, Pavel Hoodyakov, Raitis Sevelis, Peter Sildegren, Maxim Satler, Alexander Archakov, Evgeny Orloff, Vasily Rabiza, Yaroslava Gerstenlauer, Chakan Hislop, Hector Ayuso, Michael Zaytsev, Carlos Koulatsis, Igor Lupascu, Dmitry Cherny, Anton Sulsky, Kristina Guzikova, Alex Utin, David Braun and big boss Bram Timmer.